Valentine’s Series: Day Ten: FOREVER!

My Darling Nev,

You flatter me but I can’t help but believe you, because that’s what happens when you choose to trust and love someone.
Only you know how to make me smile when you are miles away without trying so hard.
This is by far one of my best letters.

Sometimes I wish I had a way with words like you do so that I can clearly explain how I feel about you.
Although that probably wouldn’t change anything because no amount of words can explain what we have.

It’s how you smile at me as you stare into my eyes when I enter the room as I try to suppress a blush while failing miserably.
The way your eyes brighten as though I am the best thing that has happened to your day.
The way you reluctantly say bye when we have to leave and still fail to get off of the chair.

Yesterday was the beginning of our second chance at forever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I missed you more than I had realized.

Thank you for not giving up on us.
For being the awesomeness that you are.
For letting me be me.
For loving me.

Baby, trust me when I say that I am going to make this second chance count and then some.

Your Gem,


P.S: I can’t wait to see you.

Adore you – Miley Cyrus

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