Valentine’s Series: Day Six: I call BULL SH!T.

You know that bull sh!t bluffing card game we usually play with your boys, well I call bull sh!t to your last letter. I don’t know how dumb you think I am but there is NO way I am buying that nonsense. You Sir are selling rubbish and I am NOT buying it.
All your talk of late consists of things you want to do but can’t do and I won’t have any of that anymore Mister. There’s a saying that goes ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ and obviously the only reason you can’t is because you don’t have the will. You are not fully invested in this relationship and I refuse to tolerate your mediocre attempts any longer.
Your love for poetry is the reason I do not believe any of the things you are saying because you have a way with words that I am done falling for. Actions speak louder than words or haven’t you heard because you are so busy coming up with bull sh!t you never got the memo?
Quoting Maurice Kirya, really? Are you freaking kidding me? Are you even FING trying? The worst thing is that you did not even have the courtesy to come up with fresh excuses, you simply cut and paste; what is becoming of this world?
The icing on your bull sh!t cake is that you had to go and throw in Beckha Shae’s Love glasses. Thank you very much for forever ruining it for me.
Follow your heart they said, well this is the sh!t I get for doing so. I am glad this happened sooner rather later because you just saved me a lot of heart ache in the future. The pain I feel now is definitely less than what I would feel later so thank you for helping me cut my losses while I was still ahead.
Of course I am not mad, because I am done with you so there is no need.
Have a good life doing better, by yourself!

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