Valentine’s Series: Day Seven: Okay!

Hey Nev,
Sorry I have been so busy of late with the new job and what not, I feel terrible for not having called or texted back; my life’s been overtaken by events but I am Okay.
Thank you for the meal, very thoughtful of you. I was going to call you today because I was in a crisis meeting the entire afternoon through evening and only left office at midnight. I figured you were asleep by then and did not want to bother you.
The memes you made about Mugabe’s falling were hilarious, made me smile; not many know where the line between funny and mean is but you have always managed to pull it off. Yes, I remember that day at Acacia Mall; I couldn’t stop talking about how I would have packed my bags and set off for the village if you had not held on time. You know how I fear embarrassment.
Oh yeah, I still have that book and movie. Sure you can pass by and collect them, let me when so that I can carry them with me. You know I could never say no to Twix.
Been keeping a low profile, figured human interaction at such a time would not be especially pleasant. No need for Ribena, but that’s very sweet of you. I can’t believe you remember all the things I like. Are you well though?
I guess we could grab coffee sometime, if you are up for it. I know your workload’s increased a bit so I would totally understand if you are unable.
Nev, I am okay; there’s no need for you to worry.
Thank you for writing, it put on a smile on face; sometimes we don’t know we needed a particular smile until we get it and realize we missed it. You’ve always been good to me when it mattered most.
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