Valentine’s Series: Day One: Is Love Sacred?

My Dearest Nev,
While men of which you are one of are simply realizing that February is now here and calculating its implications, my gender including myself (obviously) have been counting down to this month like lives depended on it; a part of me feels that they do.
The shock herein lies in how FING long it took to arrive.
Hope, I am accustomed to because that has been my reality from the moment we shared a milkshake that sunny afternoon.
If it weren’t for how I am unable to stay mad at you for long, I would attempt at being mad at your ‘understanding’ of February. Look at it from my point of view, not once have I asked for more than you can give even when we both know that I deserve better so when you sit on a high horse and claim that I am merely succumbing to the pressure, I want to hurt you in ways you will have to remember to forget.

Is it so much to expect you might jump at an opportunity that could bring a smile on my face because of its financial implication? I guess money really is everything! Also, is expression of love directly proportional to the amount of money spent?
If I were a Nakawunde and you my Ssekitolekko, I would not have to wait for February in order for you to harass me with love like the urbanites as you call them have resorted to because that’s not how the ‘unrefined’ people behave. But alas, that is not the case.
You are my reason for existence; I have tried on numerous accounts to remember what my purpose in life was before I set my eyes on you. It is because of this that I have the urgency to put on a showcase, if I come off a public pleaser then so be it. Granted there are those who display affection with ulterior motives, but I promise you that I am not one of them.
There are always the wolves in sheep’s clothing but I refuse to let that ruin the innocence of love. I have hope that one day, we shall truly enjoy the essence of love as it was intended, but that mostly you will love me in a February kind of way throughout the year even knowing the financial implications.
Because Hope is all I have….
Your Pearl.
Valentine's Series: Day Two: Loving You, February Kind of Way.

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  1. Hahaha. She called me Ssekitoleko! Pearl, touché ! Great post.

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    Where is the 'Like' button???

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