Valentine’s Series: Day Nine: All or Nothing!

Dear Nev,
Your poem warmed my heart and you know how rhyming makes me blush.
I don’t want us to be at crossroads because what’s the point?
Although when I think about it, I doubt the person who came up with crossroads was going for a point.
I have been so scared to trust you but really I think I was too scared to trust myself
In case things didn’t go as planned.
But that is probably why I know that this is something I want.
Thank you for the Twix today
Seeing your smile even for those few minutes is what my day needed.
Life’s too short to bite nails over what may or may not happen
And I do know that ‘If only’ is the worst kind of regret.
I don’t want to live another day without you knowing how much you mean to me
I’d never forgive myself if tomorrow never came.
I want this badly,
I want you
I need you
So I choose you.
As you are
It doesn’t have to be perfect
As long as it’s with you
Now I see that.
“The fear of being hot or cold makes us lukewarm,
This is an even greater vice than being hot or cold”
I choose to be your hot because I cannot be cold where you are concerned.
I choose to be your All because I refuse to be your Nothing!
P.S: Am I fatter than I was before?
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