Valentine’s Series: Day Fourteen: What is Love?

My Dearest Nev,
I will not even begin to pretend to know what love is but that will NOT stop me, by now you know nothing does.
That probably has A LOT to do with the fact that I did not believe in love, until I met you that is.
What many do not know is that I did not believe in love for me. For others, I have always thought it possible.
What else explains the couples taking walks hand in hand every evening as I leave work?
Or those that walk off high buildings in the name of love?
Or those that remain in relationships yet they are being battered day in day out?
Or Tony Stark Mr. I am smart enough to be by myself falling for Pepper even as ordinary as she is.
Quick question, when is Iron Man 4 being released? There is going to be one, right?
When I think about love, A walk to remember, Titanic, If only, The Notebook and Romeo and Juliet come to mind.
I have always thought that love was doomed, don’t judge me I never claimed to have it all figured out.
You see that has all changed since I met you.
Love is happiness.
Love is friendship.
Love is forever.
Love is you.
When I think about love, I think you.
Many might say that it’s just a phase but I beg differ.
Phases I have been through and this is nothing I know.
I couldn’t even recognize this because I have never seen it.
What is love they ask?
You Nev, are love.
It is my opinion that matters after all.
Hoping that we can be the more Sho Baraka talked about.
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2 Responses

  1. owky…..!!!!
    I totally love this;
    "Love is happiness.
    Love is friendship.
    Love is forever."

  2. 804dee says:

    Real real real!!!!!
    Hats off to you! 🙂

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