Valentine’s Series: Day Four: Moment in Magic!

Hey Nev,
The look on people’s faces every time we are out together will NEVER get old. It’s a combination of shock, amusement, ‘let’s-see-how-long-they-last’ and envy; I love it.
If I had one thousand shillings for every time someone asked me what it is about you, we would finally be able to afford that vacation in Zanzibar.
They don’t see you like I do but that’s because they are not really looking. I am selfish enough to say that I am glad that is the case for I am not yet ready to share you. I fear for the lengths they’d go through to get you if they knew.

When I don’t attend a party, they say that you have me on a leash but they don’t understand that it was my choice.
That you begged me to go so that they wouldn’t say things like that and we argued for 30 minutes but I would not budge because I didn’t want to go to a stupid party when I could spend the time with you.
They don’t understand that even though you think it’s stupid for hungry people to play games instead of working to get food, you sat through Mocking Jay I with me and held my hand the entire time.
They don’t understand that I love to disturb you as you read a book that you have been excited about for a while, and you let me get away with it because at the end of the day, it’s just a book.
They don’t understand that you go through an entire week of me talking about how I must have Legends sausages, how they give me life and how I will go crazy if I do not get them; and that I do this week in week out.
They are too busy looking for the ‘big’ things so they wouldn’t understand us, because we are a bundle of little things and with it’s always Magical Moments through and through.
Mostly they don’t understand that you are my moment in magic and as such, I don’t see them not understand because all I see you.
Your Gem,
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