Valentine’s Series: Day Eleven: Timeless

Dear Rev Nev,
It’s so cute how you defend your civil service lifestyle and still let me get away with making fun of you; you know I mean well right? Not many people can genuinely defend their position but I think you are one of the lucky few. I have made it clear on numerous accounts that I will do anything in my power to make sure change is inevitable so I suggest that you enjoy it while it lasts.
Of course forever is scary; you’d not be human if you felt otherwise. Your definition of our infinity pretty much sounds like my definition of forever but knowing you, you had to use a school of thought that might confuse most; luckily I am not most.
Now that you mention that confidence, Godammit could you stop holding staring contests with me every chance you get? Not all of us can get aware with it. There’s something about your eyes though, I can’t quite put my finger on it but it always has me holding the stare longer than I normally would.
The look on your face when I told you that I had been to Panamera very very recently was priceless, in a nice way. Or the one you have every time I try to explain to you the magic that is Legends sausages. Or when you found out about my frames.
See, how much sense I didn’t make? Yet you somehow know how to deal with it and keep up. Okikola otya though because I sometimes have a difficult time keeping up with myself.
Many times people focus on compatibility and end up missing out on the unique things that each one brings to the table; you’re my breath of fresh air. You know the kind that you inhale when you step out for lunch after being in an air conditioned office since morning.
Or the bright sun that you have to step out onto a balcony to see because management insists on having the lights on the entire day so it has no impact from your desk.
I love that even with all our differences, you have never once pushed me to be someone else and in turn not forced yourself to be anything that you’re not.
I am really looking forward to seeing a non-civil service side of you though. I know you might be scared but I promise you no comfort zone is worth it. All I ask is that you be open minded and the rest shall figure itself out.
I am sure it will be priceless.
Regardless of what happens, what we have is timeless; and that you can take to the bank.
I love you, Nev.
With all my heart,
P.S: When are we going for Legends sausages?
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    ehhhh you guys are going to make a grown man cry :'D

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