Time Check 06:05am
Action: Jumping out of bed when the alarm goes off after the second snooze.

In my dream, I had overslept so I was late for morning prep and all I could hear was Madam Faridah’s voice going on about how we all gon learn today.
I mentally begin preparing for the a$$ whooping that was about to go down.

This is GREAT. My mind is aware of what is at stake and that is all a girl could ever want.
Granted it could get better ways of showing this because waking up all sweaty as a result of events that occurred in my sub conscious state is not ideal but for now this works.

I have been waiting for this week all my life and I did not even know it until last week. Isn’t life amazing?

I just ‘assaulted’ all the walls (literally) in the house tryna get to the kitchen to boil water for showering. 

My body hurts in places I did not know existed which is an indication of how unfit I have become coz that swimming session was not that rigorous.
Tamba’s Komango is playing in the background which is perfect really.
Like that tiny little bird, I am armed with spirit, determination and faith so ‘I will find my water’.
P.S: That’s the line in the song, I aint tryna say na’in.

Even Murphy can’t kill my vibe, not in the grand scheme of things. When was the last time you were on your grand scheme of things path?

So I’m off to kick so much a$$, think Nicki Minaj.

Have a blessed week, and hopefully as we end January our worries will come to an end.
Valentine’s Series: Day One: Is Love Sacred?
Now what?

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