Now what?

I have memories from as far back as May where everyone was chanting the ‘Can the year end already?’ tune although for me this will ALWAYS be the case because I need my birthday to come along again, SOON! *Yup, le birthday is somewhere before May so you berra mark your calendars* That reminds me, I should confirm with the venue and décor guys.
Before I get completely distracted and begin sharing the theme of the party, let me ‘stay on the mulamwa’.
The closer it got to the end of 2014, the more people prayed that 2015 would arrive and because we serve an awesome God; it is here. I had to work on New Year’s Eve so by evening I was too exhausted to fully tap into my usual NYE hype; needless to say, New Year’s Day sneaked up on me fwaaa.
Depending on how I feel on the days towards the next year, I may or may not write resolutions which does not really matter because I would have got them from my mind to paper/ screen so I have them only that they are in Suprrr soft copy (coz phone/ laptop is soft copy, Duh!)
Am I the only one who feels duped by the fact that we don’t even get a microsecond zap when the New Year arrives, the kind you feeling when you step into a pool like eh? Also I have not gone swimming in a while. Sigh!
So I didn’t get a zap feeling, I have the same old name, job, family, love of my life *You catch my drift* but somehow expect that one change that I can’t even point out will make all the difference in the world.
The week still has seven days, Friday remains almost everyone’s favorite day of the week, BeMyDate shows on Sunday nights and Monday blues are a reality so what evidence is there that we are in a different year? The calendars and clocks and other gadgets you say, are you FREAKING kidding me?
Have you not watched White Collar or at least heard tales about Neal Caffery? This is how long cons are orchestrated, everything is accounted for.
For all we know, we could be in a maze and the CIA/ FBI/ Company or whatever other organization that makes lab rats of people. Assuming we are people. What if animals and insects think that we are animals and insects?
See, I am still into conspiracy theories so there’s another thing that has not changed.
For the past week or so, I have been asking myself ‘2015 is here, Now what?’ and I still don’t have the kind of answer that I’d expect out of a fairly organized individual like myself.
All I know is that it involves change, A LOT of it. The Drastic kind you read about in a Danielle Steele novel *That b!tch was dramatic Yiiiiikes* and I am EXCITED and hoping it happens soon. In the meantime, I’ll be here slitting my wrists. Mentally!

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  1. Happy Birthday for May, incase I forget. For the zap part, the fire works and the explosions do it for me :P.
    As for resolutions, its for routines that I will to adopt and habits that I will kick out.
    Happy New Year Pearl and keep up with the good pieces in 2015

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