Tis a season to be Jolly!

But is it REALLY?
I am a Christian which means that I believe in God, so the sound of Christmas should bring happy thoughts which should have nothing do to with the break that comes with it allowing me to ‘Turn down for what’ on a WHOLE other level. This however is not the case, not as I should like it to be anyway. Somewhere along the way, Christmas became about new clothes to be worn, number of chickens, cows and goats to be slaughtered and the size of the lunch meal, travels to our homelands to mention but a few.
Don’t get me wrong this is all great but what happened to the times when it was truly about the birthday boy? Imagine attending a birthday party without the birthday person in presence, a bit odd me thinks!
It does not help that I buy new clothes every other day, watch the calories in the food that I eat so meat is on the down low and totally hate traveling to the village because the roads are in the worst conditions possible.
In a week’s time, the New Year will be here and I can bet my January salary that the celebrations for that will put the Christmas ones to shame. Many can say that while everyone relates with New Year’s Day because it is irrespective of religion, Christmas does not but I disagree because I think 80% of the population are Christians.
The irony is that people probably commit more sins around this time of the year than on ‘normal days’. Is this the kind of Jolly that was intended?
My prayer is that next year this time, I will truly celebrate the birth of Christ and with it enjoy the rebirth of my salvation because that is the kind of Jolly that I want.
It is raining right now though so I will go ahead to take a nice nap as the clouds sing to me.
Merry Christmas everybody!
Now what?
Love Trapezium!

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