Love Trapezium!

For something called a weekend, it sure does pass by so fast to let the week start. At least it usually leaves many a story on my mind no matter how brief its appearance. While I was sneezing my nose off like world peace depended on it *Well done weather* and interacting with different people, a thing or two or ten (Who is counting?) opened my eyes to what is not only a love triangle but could easily be a love trapezium or worse.
Ssekitolekko smiled at Nakatudde, wined and dined her until she was sure she had found her Prince Charming *Wait, do people still look for those? You get my point though, right?* Feeling assured in this relationship, Nakatudde is out there posting pictures on Instagram themed ‘Bae & I against the world’ and thanking God for her good fortune.
Ssekitolekko spends week days and nights with Nakanjako since Nakatudde is very career driven and has curfew so it is very easy to ‘confuse’ Nakanjako because all his energies are focused on her during the week. The explanation as to why they can not spend time together over the weekend is that he has to run errands and Sunday has been family day since the 1900s which makes perfect sense.
On top of making use of all the texting apps, Ssekitolekko has weekly video G-chats with Namayanja who works upcountry so she usually comes to the city once or twice a month but when she is in town, simply looking at them makes one drool at how cute they look and hopeful that someone as perfect for you as they are for each other will one day show up on your doorstep and you’ll live happily ever after.
Nalukwago has a 1 year old child with Ssekitolekko and even though they are now separated; from time to time they ‘reminisce’ the good old days, if you catch my drift but it’s real off the books. Plus they are exes so it doesn’t REALLY count or so he says.
Ssekitolekko has been friends with Nalubwama for the last 3 years but this is only because Nalubwama feels that what they have as friends is precious and she would hate to lose it all if their trying to be more than friends went South. Although he says that he is on board, Ssekitolekko is waiting for the right moment to swoop in and claim her.
Yes, it is the same Ssekitolekko. Did I mention that all these people know each other?
You gotta give human beings credit though; just when the love triangle was sort of kind of as if almost getting accepted they decided to up the game. Damn you Barney Stinson for teaching people to accept challenges or/and self challenge.
P.S: I may have taken some liberties here and there to make the story very dramatic.
P.P.S: This could be a guy or chic!
P.P.P.S: This does NOT in any way say anything about Buganda; I simply like their names better.
P.P.P.P.S: How COOL is the name Ssekitolekko?

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