Christmas Wish list

People have got in touch with me over the past weeks asking what I would like for Christmas because they are tired of the sleepless nights pondering over what I might want and since time is flying by very fast, I decided to get them out of their misery.
Presenting my Christmas Wish list;
1.    A phone: Not just any phone but one with a screen about the size of my palm and about 32GB of internal memory. I suggest that we stick to known brands.
2.    A water bed: I love love love looooooooooove sleeping and as a result I feel that I should extend my sleeping experience and what better way to sleep in style.
3.    A new wardrobe: In case you already feel that I am NOT being clear, I want to get rid of everything I own and have that replaced with new items. Of course I’ll keep the sentimental pieces but mostly everything goes. This includes but is not limited to clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jackets.
4.    Kicks: No, this is not a repetition; Kicks are a point on their own because that’s how cool they are. I don’t own a pair of Yeezys in case you are wondering where to begin.
5.    A customized Jersey: I am not into soccer but for some reason I feel that this is something I want to have. Anyway, you can decide which team the Jersey belongs to. I couldn’t care less!
6.    Christmas in Zanzibar: Need I say more about this? I think not!
7.    A box of socks: Not the girly stockings, I mean the socks that are worn with All Stars. Those ones. The bigger the box, the better.
8.    A box of handkerchiefs: Don’t judge me, let me explain!
9.    A Personal Assistant: Who does not want a P.A, at least for the pleasure of having someone take your calls and say things like ‘Please hold for Ms. Prrrrrl’? What, no one? Okay!
10. A coffee maker: Though I’d probably need a Barrister to come with it. Pretty Please!!
11. 2 seconds: *Happy Dance*
12. Forever!!!
Yup, I also shock myself!
Now I wait, this should be FUN!
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