23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 13- It is okay to be hungry!

For a foodie, I find it weird that I somehow considered this as a lesson. Although this did not originally come from actual hunger for food that is eaten, it almost always ends there.
This morning more than one person mentioned that my outfit resembles that of a high school girl and of course I immediately frowned. Poor people did not see this coming because they thought that they were giving me a compliment since females like being told that they look younger than their actual years; *Point me in the direction of the idiot who started this stereotype and watch me Loki him/ her* so I immediately made it clear that while others desire to be rich in order to succeed, my definition of success is growing older (don’t judge me, let me explain).
Most of the people in my life are older than I am so will many times advise against ideas that I share because of the uncertainty involved which they predict will end with me being hungry (Literally) in case things don’t go well. This is all well and good but the way I see it is that it’s okay to be hungry if that’s the price to pay for being hungry for more, for better, for improvement and Epic things along those lines.
I plan to one day wake up, pack a bag and go to a new city where I barely know anyone because I can. Because I desire to see more than I have in my many years on this earth and I refuse to live in the fear of being hungry and not having a roof over my head.
I am happy to quit a job with 1 week’s notice because I refuse to sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity where I have another job before I leave the current one.
I am okay with breaking up with a man who could be my happily ever after even though I do not have other prospects coming at me because I felt that the relationship is not going where I would want it to or is not where I want it to be.
In my opinion, that and more is a small price to pay in order to always be hungry, to never grow complacent, to never find my comfort zone, to never look forward to tomorrow not.
And I am willing to pay that price, simply working on the kinks! 
P.S: How cool is this font?
P.P.S: How is Trebuchet MS pronounced? 
Love Trapezium!
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