PDA or Nah

Hey there kind Sir/ Ma’am living under a rock, PDA is the acronym for Public Display of Affection. *Wait, there’s internet under rocks? Well stranger things have happened*
When people are in relationships, there is ALWAYS a discussion on whether to go PDA or Nah.* if you disagree, then you have missed the subtle hints she has been giving* I only say this NOT because only babes are into PDA but because they are the ones who are usually into this hint business.
As much as it might shock you, there are babes who are not on board with this PDA madness or at least would prefer a prior discussion before you start making out with them at Javas Kamokya or as y’all cool peeps call it, Javas Kisementi.
Simbawo akati awo: How is it City Oil Kamokya and Javas Kisementi? So many things keep me up at night but this is on the top 5.
Kaale tugende mumaaso; Does PDA or its non existence mean ANYTHING? What’s this thing of any if it exists? Does its existence/ absence guarantee that relationships will blossom till death they do part? What criteria does one use to determine that a relationship is at the stage of PDA?
Think about it, how many relationships have been ruined because someone missed the PDA window, went into the PDA madness a notch too early or something along those lines? Is PDA a milestone?  Wait, is PDA madness or is its non existence the madness instead?
If I led anyone into thinking even for just one second that I had the answers, I apologize from the bottom of my heart *Coz that’s where we have been taught that honesty is found* although I must say that that was extremely presumptuous on your part. May be one day I’ll have the answers, today is simply NOT one day!

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