Only to/ War/ Mediocrity

In my life (self and interactions with others), different people live their lives in different ways. There are those that want one thing because they are trying to escape their reality but there is always something else; a new harsh reality that they need to escape from. In its dysfunctional way, they still have the hope that there is one illusion that will eventually do the trick; show them the light at the end of the tunnel.
There are those that decide to fight what they have been presented and instead end up setting worse events in motion, their good intentions, determination, hard work all mean nothing at this point. They end up in a place where they despise the person that they are and never see the light again.
There are those that have seen others try to fight reality and have suffered gravely so they choose to live on as though nothing was wrong, as though their life is what they always wanted, as though they found their crème de la crème; and it might take a while, forever even but they begin to believe that they have found that sought after light.
Waking up only to day dream through the day
What then is the point?
Laughing so loud only to dull out the pain
Who then is the fool?
Eating so much only to forge happiness
Why then even bother?
Dreaming so big only to escape reality
Is there then any living?
Fighting the monster within only to fit in
Why then the denial?
Telling lies only to protect others
Who then pays the price?
Sleeping only to escape reality
Why then if the pain remains?
Running away to find worse problems
How then is that justified?
A reality so painful that sleep is always on the mind
The nightmares that dominate the slumber land.
The need to escape this reality becomes an obsession
Like all obsessions, it burns at its host
The solution then becomes the birth of more problems
Whether they are similar to the earlier ones is a technicality
Only a matter of time before the unappealing habits takes over
Then it’s back to the drawing board.
This is the life that has been handed out
If it were meant to be more/ better
That would not be the case
Or so I believe and I couldn’t be wrong
The pain is a sign of how things were intended
To try and fight it is a fool’s errand.
At least there are others that suffer the same fate
May be in the previous/ next life it was different
This must be a kind of sonko arrangement
Everyone gets their turn
So be a good fellow and wait yours.
Hope Ward Run
Taking Stock I

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