Hope Ward Run

So many times I am torn whenever I want more than I have, have bigger dreams because the other ones were achieved, get ‘depressed’ because I don’t feel that I am where I should be which could come off as being ungrateful for the amazing life that I have. Not to brag but I have a good thing going on here so why want more is what one of the many voices keep asking.
If I get a headache and tell someone about it, I am positive without a doubt that he/ she will bring pain killers *which I will throw under the chair/ bed* to Bukoto Street or Kyaliwajjala and a lu box of sipulash or something along those lines. Yes, the people in my life are plenty dramatic in their love so that is how things are done.
Imagine having a complicated tumor that I probably can’t pronounce and might have watched in an episode of House, and we all know House only deals with THE most terrifying things. Many of us are blessed that we would be able to pay whatever it took to get better and I do NOT exaggerate when I say that my family would literally sell houses and move back to the village so that I could get better, and there are others like myself.
Sadly because this life is not fair, there are people out there right now that need a lot of money for procedures they can’t afford whose lives literally depend on this. Many times we sit back and complain because the people in positions of power are misusing resources, and we would definitely do better especially because we are upstanding members of society who are morally upright and blah blah blah.
In the pursuit of the bigger picture, we forget the little man; and in this case, it can be anyone so in essence it is everyone. May be today you can afford that complex procedure but what about in 5 years’ time? What about your sister, brother, father, best friend? It is because of the people that have been a part of the cause that the run is on this year. It is your contribution that will make it possible for the Hope Ward to continue to support people that can not afford complex medical procedures.
It would be a pity if you let this opportunity pass by, which is why I won’t. For only 20K, I will be able to make my mark on someone’s life and that makes me very happy. Companies can register 500K/ 1m for a team.
I will be praying that you, yes You, will be at Kololo Airstrip on Sunday 16thNovember 2014 at 6:30am for the Hope Ward Run. Let’s Run/ jog/ walk/ stroll/ crawl to help someone else. See You There, Cheers!  

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