Writer’s block? I don’t know how you mean!

The title is inspired by Denny Crane from Boston Legal. If you don’t get it you don’t get it, this is not rocket science.
Wikipedia defines writer’s block as a condition primarily associated with writing *Hello Captain Obvious* in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. Emaaaaaaama people have conditions.
Many times I will read a blog and the person will be apologizing for having been away for so long because they had writer’s block and all I am thinking is ‘Wow, how does that happen?’ I have never been fortunate to get writer’s block *A case of grass is greener on the other side* although whether I am a writer is a discussion for another day. Here is why I might never write a post that has an explanation of writer’s block as the reason behind my abandoning my blog;
1.      I am addicted to writing: I do not think there will ever be a time where I do not have something to write about. I woke up one day and decided to write and like they say, the rest is history. There are times where I write and after reading through I decide that sharing that particular post would be the equivalent of committing a terrorist act because it would make zero sense to anyone. I am one of those people that write fwaaaa but luckily I am decent enough to manage my sharing.
2.      I love writing: There are not many things under the sun that I love, not for a long time anyway. For some reason, writing works for me so I am able to do so regardless of what is happening in my life at any time.
3.      I am a compulsive liar: I don’t know if it’s normal behavior to feel terrible at times for the lies one has told even if one is a compulsive liar but writing allows me to manipulate stories without suffering the implications of having to remember details of lies told or the guilt that comes with telling lies *This feels like a lie*. I call that a win-win situation because I give in to my instincts without feeling bad about it.
4.      Possibilities are endless: In my very humble opinion, writer’s block implies that one is out of options and even my pessimist self cannot allow that. It shouldn’t matter that your initial idea is not the one you eventually went with but that you have something at the end of the day. For that reason, it is impossible for me to totally have nothing to write about.
5.      It’s all in the mind: I am a strong mind enthusiast and as a fairly young person surrounded by older people, I am channeled to work with my mind because a million and one times I will need my mind to do me a solid. It is because of this that I am incapable of experiencing writer’s block because as long as I want to write, I will write.
6.      I am the original wahala master: Genders be damned, master sounds a trillion times cooler than mistress. For as long as I could remember, I have been a talker so writing is a channel of sharing my wahala without being able to portray the accents. Dammit!
Knowing me, I could go on and on but I am all about that law of contrary behavior so that will be all. Just added ‘get writer’s block’ to my bucket list, wish me luck!
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