We know life is not fair and yet here we are!!

When I was in O level, I hated history so much that I stopped really reading for exams. Of course I’d read because no one wants to fail but it wasn’t the same effort I put into revising for the Mathematics exams. This all began when on more than one occasion I joined discussion groups and studied very hard only to get the results where I had a 56% and everyone else had above 80%. What sorcery was that I said? And that was the end of it.
So many times I will see someone tweet or mention that if someone does not like *I don’t want to use the love word loosely* you as much as you like them, then you are better off without them in your life. For a while I also agreed with this but now I know better.
There is that employee who gets paid more than you do but the entire world knows that you do much more work in a week than they do in a month and we continue to seem surprised at this.
How about the very intelligent young people who have not yet got that lucky break in their dream jobs because they do not have the required experience on their CVs. Someone help me understand how a 23 year old is supposed to have 3 years experience for a job.
The people who never read in school but always ended up passing even when those that sacrificed partying for late nights in the reading room barely made it or ended up having retakes.
I was lucky that I managed to pass my O level History exams even with the sketchy reading I used to do and may be that emphasizes the point I am trying to make but failing miserably *Tell me something new*.
Whether we want to accept it or not, there is always a settler and a reacher *How is this not a real word? Sigh!* in every relationship regardless of its nature. There will be times where you will like someone so much you smile at the mention of their name and for whatever reason they do not feel the same way. Many times they will like you but not as much as you like them and that’s when people will say things like ‘You’re better off without them’. Sometimes that’s just it, you can’t live without them. May be it is okay to kweesibaku muntu within limit of course. So what if you text first, always initiate meet ups, share your burdens and what not? As long as the person does seem okay with this arrangement *There’s no formula for finding out* then there is nothing wrong. Most likely, you have this kind of relationship with someone else where you are the settler and the cycle continues.
People are so happy to throw the ‘life is unfair’ phrase around from time to time but when it really matters ie employment, relationships, academics, they are quick to throw this to the wind. Life is unfair and as far as my 23 years have shown me, it is not about to change. How about we embrace that and at least try to live it?
Dear Barclays, this is what Prosper means to me!!
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