Uganda Bloggers 7 Days: Day 7- In a Nice Way

I don’t like people
In a Nice way
They are highly irrational
This ALWAYS causes chaos.
I don’t like working out
In a Nice Way
I am very fat
My biggest fear is dying fat and alone.
I don’t believe in love
In a Nice way
I believe in love for others
It is rather messy though.
I don’t want to be ridiculously rich
In a Nice Way
I fear it might unleash the beast within
You can’t be rich and famous
I don’t want to be happy
In a Nice way
Makes it harder to deal with suffering
Suffering is a reality
I don’t want to wake up
In a Nice way
That would mean I would have to die
Sleep is my biggest weakness
I don’t want to be responsible
In a Nice way
Responsibility is a lot of work
A lot of conscious effort is required.
I don’t want to be young
In a Nice way
Growing up is so much hard work
People confuse young for clueless.
I don’t want to make decisions
In a Nice way
Comes with liabilities
The mother of regrets
My newest favorite line is ‘In a Nice way’ and it is the equivalent of ‘No pun intended’. How I see life is not how your everyday person sees it and yes, I know what you’re thinking ‘Everyone thinks they are unique’. May be you’re right if that ‘You are unique, just like everyone else’ line has any truth to it.
This is one of those views.
This was inspired by one of the lines that I have used A LOT over the past few months ‘I am a terrible person’. I am a terrible person and I am learning to live with that, people in my life should get with the program!
P.S: How cool is ‘In a Nice way’?
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