Uganda Bloggers 7 Days: Day 5- Sooooo the challenge!!

Three things before I get into this;
1.      For reasons best not shared here, Lux and I were unable to work on something for today so I resorted to this although it would have made more sense on day 7.
2.      I don’t know about everyone else participating in this challenge but personally, I am tired. Nkooooye. Every morning since Wednesday I only have one thing on my mind, ‘Crap, I have to write today’s post’. To anyone who might say that I could stop, it kindadoesn’t work like that.
3.      The next time there is a challenge of this nature I will be over there in my corner going on with business as usual and not accepting challenges.
All that aside, I am glad that I took part in this for many reasons, these are the least predictable;
1.      Delayed gratification: I am positive that many people can testify that I am mostly about doing (or not) things as and when I want to and the circumstances do not affect that in any way. People being creatures of routine means that if you do something once, you might do it again and the odds increase the more this happens. I have begun this journey. Yaaaaaaaay me!!!!
2.      Friendships: Lux is travelling to the UK for Christmas and will go to a different African country thereafter *I think she is addicted to travelling*. We have been close for a while but the things I have learnt about Lux in less than a week would have needed about 4 months what with crazy schedules and how busy life gets.
3.      Life is unfair: Many times, we will put in the work, determination, perseverance you name it but it will simply not be good enough and that is ALWAYS devastating. Nothing better than knowing that when you put in the work, you will have something to post everyday and that’s the end of it.
On the other hand, I had quite a number of issues but these stood out;
1.       No prior communication:  Saying that the challenge was short notice is probably my understatement of the year. I went to sleep at about 10pm on Sunday and there was no word about it, woke up at 6:30am and BOOM! There is a challenge. WOW!
2.      Vague (low) objectives: As far as I know in order to be a part of the challenge, all one had to do is write a post a day and it had to have at least 250 words. In my very humble opinion, I think that’s really broad. I look forward to the reports/ analyses/ deductions or something along those lines and what they would have managed to conclude from that. Haven’t managed to read all of the posts because they just keep coming in but from time to time you will find those mentioning the ‘Phweeeeeks, just hit 250 words. Laters Beeeeshes *paraphrased*’ and that’s that.
3.      No direction: Unless the challenge was intended for only those who have not blogged in a while so the point was to have blog posts of whatever nature out there, there was/ is need for direction. Personally, I have been blogging. In my mind, I thought this was going to be a week to learn, get a chance to ask questions, enjoy constructive criticisms and after Sunday, someone might read my blog and feel the difference/ improvement or whatever.
I got a crazy idea on Monday, I challenged myself to write 2 posts per day and I am definitely storing this as exhibit H *Yup, there’s A LOT* in case I ever need to build a case proving my insanity.
P.S: Hope I haven’t offended anyone. If I have, please don’t attack *verbal, written or physical* me. Let’s make love not war, Yes?

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  1. Hahaha, okay, now this is touching…hihi, awesome prrr..l

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