Uganda Bloggers 7 Days: Day 4- Mummy’s Prrrrrrrrrl!

Like me, Lux is the last born child in her family. As if being a girl does not get one enough attention, being a last born girl guarantees this attention. Meeting Lux however has shown me a whole different side that I never thought was possible. Don’t judge me, let me explain;
When I was in Primary 3, my sister who is 2 years older than I am went to boarding school so I also insisted on going to boarding to the point of threatening my mummy and I quote ‘Mummy if you don’t take me to boarding school, you don’t love me’. Long story short, I went to boarding school in Primary 3 second term.
One of my god mothers lived abroad for a while and on numerous occasions she would request that I visit her because she missed her darling beautiful amazing *Vain much?* daughter and without fail my mummy would come up with one excuse after another. God forbid that she was not within visiting distance of her Prrrrrrrrl.
When the Senior 4 results were released and it was time to figure out what combination I would take, unbelievable as it might seem I was presented with three possible combinations from which I could choose and that was it. I guess it was presumptuous of me to think it was totally up to me.
When I was joining university, there was a very huge discussion on whether I should stay in hostel *we are talking clan meeting kind of discussion* because how could baby me live by myself which was quite silly since I had been in boarding school since forever and I would have told them this if anyone had given me a chance to speak.
During my last semester at the university, I made up my mind that I wanted to move out of home and let’s just say WWV, if it ever happens, will have nothing on what went on during those weeks. Even pitching for the most wanted account can not compare to what I had to go through in order to convince my family that this is was an okay decision. To date, many are not on board with this arrangement!
Every time Lux tells me a story about her life and how different it was from mine, I can’t help but imagine what it would have been living that kind of life and I am without a doubt glad that I am my Mummy’s Prrrrrrl
Cyber bullying!! What am I going to do about it?
Writer’s block? I don’t know how you mean!

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