Taking Stock I

A while back I fell in love with Sharon, a fashion blogger *don’t be surprised if you notice any drastic changes in my wardrobe* and I stole this ‘taking stock’ idea from her blog thisisess.com
Making: Plans of sorts for the next 6-8 months give or take; well technically I am still at the thought process but yeah.
Cooking Eating: Mzee Duuka’s vegetable Sumbis every chance I get. They replaced the New Day ones which were beef; I can’t deal with being fat right now!
Drinking: tea and water because I can never decide on one so I take them interchangeably. The only problem is that I end up taking really cold tea at one point, I don’t actively mind though.
Reading: Game of Thrones; A Song of Ice and Fire. I was also reading Art of Seduction at one point and I swear I have no idea what happened.
Wanting: A road trip; I want to get onto the road without a care in the world. We are talking, driving with the top down singing along to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA.
Playing: Happy to be UG by Kenganzi, Sam Kimera, Ruyonga, Benezeri, Levixone and Mun G. A real feel good song this one; Ed Sheeran’s I’m a mess and Jhene Aiko’s Spotless mind. LOL, broken songs are ALWAYS appealing.
Wasting: a lot of time fretting about the future; so my friends say.
Sewing Sowing: S/O to that daily because that’s what inspired this otherwise I will never have anything to write for this. Do you know anyone who sews? RIGHT! I am trying to learn how to shift from the ‘having ideas’ stage to the ‘act on the ideas’ stage, which should be fun! Or not!
Wishing: For a vacation; heaven knows I need it. Get away from everything and everyone, the rush hours, the deadlines and simply watch time go by without it flying by.
Enjoying: morning jogs more than usual; probably because it has been raining a lot of late and believe me when I say that living room work outs suck.
Liking: the fact that it’s a Friday; heading out for Kuku fry in a bit. My excitement is out of the building!
Wondering: whether I should cut off my hair once and for all. I have been procrastinating the salon date and paying dearly; that would be a solution.
Loving: John!
Hoping: for a calm weekend although I sort of have NO idea what that means.
Marveling: at how loving one person can be and how petty another can be.
Needing: a life re affirming situation ASAP! The good kind!
Smelling: Coffee, that’s a constant here although I am more the ‘snobbish’ type that wants coffee from my favorite cafés.
Wearing: Barely fitting Jeans, a top and a hoodie. I dress casually so I try not to seal the deal with a hoodiebut on Fridays, I feel that’s alright. I am so determined that I have to turn the fan on because it’s a warm day.
Following: my heart not; although sometimes I wonder if I have one.
Noticing: that I have gained weight; well not noticing as such because I ALWAYS say that I have put on weight but yeah, there’s that!
Knowing: that I am loved; the people in my life never stop the love. Ummmmmm, well I attended the Wizkid show in case you were asking for an example.
Thinking: about my wife and how it is possible that I have not seen her the entire week *sob sob*
Feeling: excited about The Hobbit 3; can December get here already?
Bookmarking: Wait, that’s a thing?
Opening: up to the harsh reality that certain things need to be done. ASAP!
Giggling: at that guy on twitter who got very angry at the Guinness people because they decided that the Wizkid show should be invite only; and decided to abuse the sh*t out of them. It shouldn’t be that serious.
Feeling:  Anxious about so much I hope I don’t get panic or heart attacks.
Only to/ War/ Mediocrity
Uganda Bloggers 7 Days: Day 7- In a Nice Way

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