Is compatibility really THAT important?

Many a time I will meet people who catch my fancy and I theirs, and the journey to know each other begins with hopes of finding something worthwhile and meaningful or whatever BS we tell ourselves. Most of the time, the screening process is based on compatibility and cases where there would be a lot in common between both parties usually made it to the next round and it seemed like a good thing at the time; re runs of series that we both love, singing along to music that we both love, laughing at stupid things that no one else would understand because it was our thing, and other mushy things like that.
This was all well and good until I met someone with whom I barely had anything in common. Barely because the little that we had was a stretch, as I normally wouldn’t use that to describe my person.
All of sudden I was in a space where I could look into a different life, be a part of something new. This is not because I never knew about the existence of these things but because I never once gave them a chance. That’s what happens when we focus on compatibility.
Within the same time frame *matter of opinion really*, I met another person with whom I totally had nothing in common and the arguments we had were bordering on annoying but the me that is trying to focus on being rational above all else *and failing most of time* decided to look into the subject and here’s what she managed to come up with;
1.      Compatibility is overrated: Like everything else below the sun, the concept of having similar likes and dislikes with someone in order for them to qualify as a potential significant other is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it is great but it is not everything it has been turned into in this day and age.
2.      Compatibility is boring: Look at it this way, you love coffee, taking strolls in creepy suburbs where you might get mugged or other horror movie things, watching How I Met Your Mother, reading, watching movies in languages you don’t understand for the Tai Chi & Kwa Chaaaaa moments and fear caterpillars, hate hypocrites bleh, bleh bleh so you meet someone who feels the same way about these things. Ummmmmmm, hello you just met yourself. Not to be a party pooper or anything but where is the fun in that? I understand we love ourselves and what not but I will NOT hesitate to say that one of me is quite enough thank you. I will take something else if I can have it.
3.      Compatibility is a lame excuse: Somewhere along the way it became a thing for one to be compatible with their significant other and the millions of compatibility tests on the internet prove this. Here’s what I think, that’s just a lame a** excuse and people should have the guts to actually tell someone that they don’t return like the other person.
4.      Believing compatibility is the ONLY way is a bit primitive, No?: The year is 2014 for Pete’s sake, how does someone still think there is one way of doing something? There’s so many ways to kill a rat so how about we use more of them? We might be surprised. Heck, we might love it and get compatibility thrown out of the dictionary while we are at.
For what it’s worth, I love compatibility.

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  1. I for one believe that you can get someone that isn't compatible. As long as they do not make you break your personal principles

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