Am I setup-able?

Recently found a series called Friends With Better Lives and there is a character called Kate. She is cold, relentless, determined, successful and single basically everything I want to be when I grow up. She is the definition of rational and I take time off from time to time just to think about her. I only have 9 episodes but I have watched them all about 5 times give or take.
There is an episode where Lowell’s friend from back in the day visits NY. Craig happens to be very H.O.T and while the group is trying to figure out who they can set him up with; Kate does not feature on their lists. She compiled a list of why she is setup-able and it got me thinking, would people in my life set me up with that new billionaire neighbor, smashing workmate or someone along those lines? You catch my drift, yes?
I decided to work on list of why I am setup-able so that may be next time someone will send that good looking fella my way.
1.      I am a fun person: 4 in 5 people will agree that I am plenty fun and in this Kampala and how we people live for the party, this is a HUGE win. Please don’t burst my bubble if I am not.
2.      I can hold a decent conversation: This might not seem like a lot but as an ardent watcher of the BeMyDate show on NTV Uganda, I am glad that I have this under my belt. Also I do know the spelling of Tumblr so it is safe to say written conversations are also covered here.
3.      I know people who know people: Alright, I cannot begin to name drop right now but be rest assured that I will at least have someone to get in touch with when information *The real kind not gossip* is needed and since knowledge is Power this is a Win.
4.      I know how to have a good laugh: This might seem pretty mundane but believe me; I have been in situations where I could have used someone who could have a good laugh because it is never that serious. P.S: It always is but fake it till you make it, Right?
5.      I read: There are quite a number of articles talking about why one should date a girl who reads. You’re already hitched or not interested or whatever but how about you give your buddy a chance?
6.      I am 23 years old: The thing about being surrounded by people who are older than you are is that you end up forever trying to act older than you actually are because your nightmare is people saying that they understand why you did what you did because of your age. I cringe at the thought. That’s as little pressure as anyone will ever have. No one likes pressure even though most people work better under pressure so I guess I could use the pressure that comes with being set up. Wait, am I asking for pressure? Eissssssssssh, now I am confused.
Bottom line, the next time your good looking friend is around holla at your girl. Somebody PLEASE get me a Wizkid ticket. Thank you!
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