What I have learnt from watching 3 seasons of Supernatural.

I just began watching Supernatural almost a month ago and I can tell this is going to be one of those great loves where by 10 years down the road; you look back to and still get butterflies in ya tummy. Yup, I’m selling BS by the kilo.
More times than I can mention, people will emphasize that watching series is wastage of time so this goes to prove that we have the opportunity to learn from everything around us if only we are willing.
1.      Honor: From day one, Dean is seen to be explaining to Sammie why they must continue hunting because that is what their father *who abandoned them at a time t* told them to do. He does this regardless of the fact that he has many reservations and even though Sammie runs away, he eventually comes back because they are honorable people who will do what they said they will *Ignore the fact that they have to be liars, thieves, cheats to do these things*
2.      Hard work pays: Not that I did not already know this but it’s nice to see this happen because life might lead us to forget this. Dean and Sammie put in the work and boy does it show. They will hunt down every madasaka and end their existence no matter what it takes.
3.      Love: When Dean was dying *Literally* so John (his father) made a deal with the yellow demon to save him and when Sammie died, Dean also made a deal to save him. This is what Bruno Mars meant when he sang ‘I’d catch a grenade for you’.
4.      The importance of team work: While many hunters were about that ‘I work alone’ nonsense, Dean and Sammie worked as a team and the benefits are as clear as day during summer *Wait, does that make sense? Not sure if it’s true*
5.      The benefits of team members carrying their weight: Most of the episodes have Sammie doing the research and Dean checking the locations where suspected supernaturals are causing havoc and working on their cover stories. This gets me thinking on how much difference that would make in my life and I am working on a plan to achieve this.
6.      Loyalty: A million and one times Sammie, Dean, John and Bobby were there for each other no matter what. Let the record show that this is NOT at all easy for any of the parties which is what makes it rare in this life.
7.      Friendship can go a LONG way: Many of the people who have made it possible for Dean and Sammie to do their job are the friends that John made. This makes it possible for them to do his not yet and still be able to achieve the objectives set.
There are many other lessons that can be got from Supernatural but I hope these were adequate to get someone out there to watch it for the first time.
In the meantime, I am trying to apply these lessons in my life as I get around to finding my way to season 9.
P.S: Njagala to thank the person who made me watch it otherwise I NEVER would have met the Love of Life, Dean Winchester / Jensen Ackles.
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