Is Honesty such a good thing?

As a Christian, for as long as I can remember we are reminded that ‘The truth will set us free’. Telling lies is a known sin but as a compulsive liar and someone who lives in a reality where people use the truth to hurt others, I do not think that honesty is such a good thing at least not the kind that I see every day. 
I call one of my friends ‘The Honesty President’ because he is all about saying it as it is. He has hurt a million and one people including myself in the name of telling the truth. I am of the view that there is a very thin line between being honest and being mean/ petty/ vindictive. Ever notice how people are quick to tell the truth if said truth will hurt others. Was honesty intended to cause pain?
Where are y’all that preach honesty when hardworking people are not appreciated? When your boys or girls are cheating on their significant other? When it works in your favor that the truth is not known? When you hide in closets as you give in to your habits?
Does honesty only apply when it is other people’s lives on the line? When you do not know the people involved? When you do not care about the people whose lives are going to be ruined by these truths?
Is this how God intended that honesty affect our lives? That people hurt others in the guise of honesty? That people lose everything because of honesty?
I am NOT saying that telling lies is okay but if the end justifies the means then those telling truths that hurt/ endanger others are not Winning on this front. I simply cannot take it anymore when people cause others pain and are quick to say, ‘but it is the truth’. How’s about you tell me when I am smart and looking dashing and not only when I am shabbily dressed because both are the truth at different times, No? Where is it written that the truth should only be shared when it is negative? Someone please share this manual with me because there needs to be an explanation for the madness that is humanity.
There is a big possibility that people are more in love with the idea of honesty than in honesty itself and all the benefits it should bring to the table? How ironic that the traits that should make us human are hardly seen in how we live our lives? Ever imagine what would happen if your soul was put in hyena’s/ lion’s/ monkey’s body? Would you have a difficult time being a thief/ dictator/ trickster or would you fit in very well?
Been holding this off for a while, CLEARLY because it doesn’t make so much sense but with each passing day, this becomes an even bigger issue and I couldn’t idly sit around any longer.
I am not confrontational so I will not say anything if I see this happening but I had to do something, anything.  May be one day I will be able to do more than write about it.
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