Does charity REALLY begin at home?

When this crossed my mind about a week ago give or take, I wrote the title and every day I would open it but my mind would not let me write anything. By day 4, it was a sort of inside joke for when I needed a bit of cheering up. For starters many of my friends ‘do’ charity so it might seem like I am attacking any, some, most or all of them. I am a coward so yeah; these are the things that keep me up at night. Secondly, what/ who gives me the right to ask this question? I am not an expert on the subject though some might say at anything *Blame this thinking on whatever issues*. I could concoct many more reasons off the top of my mind but that’s too easy.
This is the hard part so immago with this *not that you pervs*
A person wakes up one day*Not literally of course or may be it is, I don’t know* and decides that they want to make a difference in the lives of others and I guess they choose a cause, sell their dream to others and go on to help less fortunate *in whatever regard* people.
In my country, unless it is in a bar (of course there is always the exception) people will not go out of their way to help those immediately around them. By this I mean, do you really know what is going on in the life of people with whom you take those tequila shots as you live that ‘Turn down for what’ life? Granted many people are too proud to let others in on their dirt * I know someone who has a 9 million debt (Proper long story) and will NOT let me tell anyone in a bid to get people to help of which I am positive that we would have managed to at least get half of it and lessen the burden* but those that have no problem with receiving help are my focus here.
Do you know whether that person you are sharing Meagan Good’s nudes with has had supper everyday this past week? Do you know the last time they had a good laugh? Do you know whether they get scared whenever lightning strikes *might be literal or nah*? Do you know about their boss who is harassing them but they cannot resign because bills will not pay themselves? Do you know that their parents are going through a rut because they lost their savings in the TelexFree scam?
I cannot control anyone’s dreams and what/ whom they would like to use their resources on however I can paint a picture *pure metaphor because my only art memory has me being slapped on the back when the teacher of Art asked us to draw our neighbors* but here is the thing. Whatever people you have helping you achieve this dream, believing with you, imagine the magnitude it could take on because the people at home *those around us* are on board. I don’t know about your family *this could go right down to the lady who sold charcoal on the kaalo*, but with mine everyone found out that I was in the papers when the Primary Leaving Examinations results were released because of what my parents had done for these people over the years *They all ignored the fact that I barely made it there and the gender column said male*, and my visitation days always had me carrying many rounds of edibles.
Someone out there is going to say that it is a choice and I totally agree. The way people have the right to celebrate/ mourn people they have never met and do not give a hoot about what someone they might have shared a taxi with at a time t has achieved/ been through is the same way people are free to help whomever they choose to.
I recently presented an idea to someone and the person thought that it was not big enough to bag an award and here’s what I said, either you make a ‘big’ campaign that probably wins you the award and may be helps a handful of people or you can make a ‘small’ campaign that touches many and has impact in lives of everyday people because this has a ripple effect opportunity and with those, the size of the lake is the ONLY thing that stands in your way.
This is my ‘small’ idea.
P.S: Please don’t attack me.
P.P.S: I am not saying there is one way of doing things, simply presenting an opportunity to a bunch of people who might be interested in trying something new.
P.P.P.S: I bet the chic *had to be a chic walayi* who invented the ‘P.S’ must be rolling in her grave!
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