23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 12- ALWAYS assume that others are smarter than you are.

The key word here is assume because in my opinion with assumptions comes acting in accordance to the statement, in a good way (Crap, can’t really explain this one). I could have gone the route where the lesson is always pretend that others are smarter than you are but that implies that per chance people are indeed smarter than you, you will not be open to learning from them.
Many times of course, others are not smarter than we are but living in such a way makes us susceptible to things like falling short because we thought we were good enough, never living to our full potential because we know that our 50% will suffice for the puny humans as Bernard calls them to mention but a few. In living life with the mindset that others are smarter than you are, the statement ‘possibilities are endless’ then truly comes to life because no boundaries can’t be pushed which is what everyone wants I’d assume. Never living in fear of failure *Wait, is fear not directly related to failure? At worst I think they are first cousins* and its associated benefits because then one is able to give wholly of oneself at work, in relationships, and everything in between that these and many more consist.
Obviously the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Red Reddington, Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, Hannibal, Neal Caffery, Sheldon, Barney Stinson, Gabriel Vaughn from Intelligence (Don’t you dare say he has a chip in his brain) among others do NOT apply here because these are the Greats, the ones we *Me, myself and I* look up to for whatever reasons.
Many times, we ARE actually smarter than others but it’s the principle here that is the point. With this school of thought, we then tap into every learning opportunity seeing as just because someone is not as smart as you are does not mean that you cannot learn something from them. How about the way they relate with others? How they react to different situations, their aspirations and that sort of thing.
Many a time *LOL, Olrai  not that many times* a yanga man will assure me that I look great and whatever other physical compliments men give but it’s going to be a while before I actually believe them because the mind is more my thing. I might not have the money to fund renovations for my physical person *Not that I want to, Not that anyone will believe that now* but my mind, oh I am able to do so much and then some for that Baiiiiiibe.
Mostly what this has done is make it possible for me to wake up even when I feel there is no possibility of the sun and its smiley face rising or when she shines so much I find myself rehearsing my speech requesting her to go on leave. I am able to walk away from situations that without this I doubt I would be able to and many more things I won’t bore people with.
What more does a girl want than to be able to wake up no matter what especially when sleeping comes naturally to the girl in question?
Does charity REALLY begin at home?
Human beings will ALWAYS F@%k up, forgive my French.

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