23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 11- Store laughter for a rainy day, it ALWAYS comes in handy.

I do not remember many things about my childhood but laughter was one of the few *I have THE worst memory Evrrrrrr*. My mother had this infectious laughter that left you no choice but to join her and whether you were sick or angry at her made zero difference.
Unavoidably one of her children took on the trait and it so happened to be the sister who is asthmatic even though it would have been more convenient if one of the carriers took it on. My sister would laugh until she started wheezing and I pretty much resigned myself to having an inhaler nearby for whenever she got into these ‘laughing attacks’ as I called them.
Funny that I currently laugh more than she does because I bet no one ever saw that coming. Somewhere along the way, I began to laugh and now it’s too simple I don’t have to think about it. Many a time we are having a brain storm and the big idea is eluding us and I will break into a ‘fit’ of laughter. When I am happy, I laugh and when I am sad I laugh. How do I do it? you might ask and imma tell ya because I am nice like that.
That saying about problems or trouble moving in twos has a twin and this one makes sure that good things happen to us in pairs *It’s OBVIOUS that this is just my theory, Right?* Anyway, the point here is that there is a season of happiness and one of sadness and while the former is great and always welcome, the latter causes lots of pain and most people will cry, stay away from people, become more attached to certain habits to mention but a few. I will be over there laughing like my life depends on it.
There are fewer things than the fingers on one hand that I can’t ‘fix’ by laughing. I am NOT saying laughing wills the problems away but then again neither does crying, substance abuse, nkebyo.
Unless you are not doing it right, laughter should give you a sort of warmth, hope, or smfn along those lines. The storing of laughter for said rainy days works best when you attach the Wow moment to the laughter stored so that when you are going through the archives, you are able to feel what you felt in that moment which should be able to help wade off the current feelings and grey mood or smfn likadat. I never claimed to have it all figured out.
There are times that I feel like I have been to hell and back, and I am sure being able to laugh no matter what is one of the reasons I have managed the back bit. In my mind, there doesn’t need to be a reason to laugh for me laugh. Laughing makes me feel great so it is a part of who I am and I have embraced it.
The real lesson here though is finding a sort of constant in this ever changing life that gives one peace of mind or at least something close to that. A go to happy place that cannot be touched by ANYTHING. Only then does one ever stand a chance of becoming a monster *Story for another day*.

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