Would you date/sumash an office messenger?

Okay, before you pull out the nails to crucify me this has nothing to do with office messengers who are often honest hardworking people. Now that that’s out of the way, I can proceed.
A sumash refers to having sex with someone.
I was talking to someone who recently met a guy who is charming, gentle, caring nkebyo and she was devastated after she found out that he is an office messenger and she does not see any point in starting something that is only going to end sooner than it began. She looked me straight in the eye and asked, ‘Imagine if people found out that I was dating an office messenger? I’d probably have to leave the country or worse go to Sheema or one of those off the grid places’. And here’s the worst part about this, she genuinely likes this guy.
Let’s call him Juma and her April. Don’t ask me what an April is doing with a Juma, which is NOT the point here. Juma has not done anything to hurt April, the opposite if you ask me. The last time April was this happy we were at university and everyone knows that was ages ago *Ahem*
Aint it very sad that society has put us in a space where street credibility is everything? A million and one times, people have said, ‘All I have is street cred’ which like all things has two sides to the story. Let the record show that it is important to live by society’s rules although only to a point. The tricky part is where that point is and that here is the billion dollar question.
On one hand, you shouldn’t date the office messenger if you have no intentions of getting married and you most certainly should NOT sumash him if you are not married which makes perfect sense. On the other hand we have what brings a bit of confusion into the situation as that ‘society’ is sort of divided. There is society which is our elders and then our peers. In this case, I am referring to those peers that think occupying a position like office messenger is for inferiors although I should mention that not all including myself *Never to pass up an opportunity to make myself look good* think this. However the majority that does would make the life of my friend very difficult so that’s where we are.
We probably all have friends who would despise us for dating an office messenger so ask yourself, would go ahead to date/ sumash an office messenger knowing what would happen if those friends found out?
P.S: The word ‘friends’ is used loosely.
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