What to do when you run out of cans for the day/ week.

A can is the ability and willingness to deal with situations in our lives.
It was derived from the popular phrases ‘I can’t’ and ‘I refuse to can’. Last week was off in ways I can NOT explain so by Wednesday my cans for the week were used up yet I had 3 days to the end of the week *My week ends on Saturday and as weird as it might seem I hate weekends so there was no mental solace there* On Wednesday at midday, I realized that I could NOT deal with whatever was left of the week but of course life goes on so I tried to find ways that would make it as painless as possible and here’s what I came up with;
1.     Subs: I love Javas but that’s a conversation for another day. Going there from time to time got me to notice a ka small car outside the café and that’s how I discovered On The Go. The submarines there are to kill for and we all know that saying about food and comfort. That sub could probably create world peace so it can definitely get one through anything.
2.     Avoid people: Here is the thing, you need cans for dayssss if you are always meeting people or socializing or whatever it is you do with people. People are very unpredictable definitely something to do with emotions associated with them so if you intend on remaining sane especially when people have been known to doubt your sanity, it is in everyone’s best interests that you stay away from them.
3.     Adrenaline, lots of it: I am looking into whether adrenaline is a necessary evil kubanga this shit is addictive. Crossing  the road with cars on both sides in a slow motion run, work out, run further than you ever have, flips off someone’s back in a pool, watch a movie with Epic fight scenes in 3D. Those are the some of things I did that made it possible for me to make it through and I managed well I should say.
4.     Intoxicants: Kino kili obvious, No?
5.     Day dream about a fun day at Didi’s World: Okay, this probably only applies to me but the point is look forward to doing something. Whether you actually do it is NOT the point here. Sadly, I couldn’t go to Didi’s World over the weekend but the idea of going there made it easier for me to make it through the week.
6.     A road trip: Surprisingly I did NOT plan this trip but it came in handy. Different views allow looking at things in a new light which is a fresh breathe of air from the usual. Also, road trips create Power nap opportunities and that shit is Powerful.
7.     Reading, Plenty of Reading: There’s something about reading that I can’t explain but it works. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself when I get into a Legit reading zone but it works wonders. In the beginning, it even doesn’t matter what you are reading because eventually you find yourself reading about what you really care about or are passionate about. Wait; is it automatic that someone will care about what they are passionate about or be passionate about they care about?
8.     The Law of Contrary Behavior: It states that one acts in contradiction of what they actually want to do *P.S: Could not find the riyo statation (new word Yaaaaaay!!) kati this is my poop*. When your cans are used up, every moment is a temptation that you’ll probably regret. Shout at a superior, halla at a parasite acquaintance and the like. Two words, Walk Away!
9.     Hope Ruyonga is releasing a song: Mr. Rapper Singer who kutuukad longi T released a song last week called Ride *my current ringtone* and GaaaaaaaDammit it’s the Thengs. Good music does things to me and this is Def waaaaay up there.
This has worked out for me this past week with mostly positive results. Of course everything has to be in the right amount. Yes, right amount is relative but you garra start somewhere.
P.S: Iament an authority on this so if you think otherwise, you do you which in Lugandie is weekole. Don’t judge me, I didn’t invent the language!

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