Sooooo, I’ve been thinking…. Part 3

Scenario 1: Person X is smart *Colin has a theory on this but that is definitely a story I shall NEVER explore here* and like Benjamin pointed out we are greatly influenced by the people whom we surround ourselves. I am a Christian and in school there was an argument that would ALWAYS come up when the pastor would preach about ‘not getting yorked with non-believers’. The reason behind this is that we were more at risk of backsliding if we had ‘strong’ relationships of whatever nature with non-believers. Of course everyone would be quick to ask whether it was impossible to help them see the light and even use the bible fwa. Here’s what I know, I am NOT the exception to the rule but there are many people out there who are and I know this because I see it every other day. The rule is birds of the same feathers flock together. Spending A LOT of time with lazy people eventually rubs off on us. I tried to get an opportunity to look in on Person X’s life and the keyword here is TRIED.
Scenario 2: Person Q is amazing, smart, funny, charming, nkebyo. Bottom line is amu smitten as if. LOL. Ene who, I have this terrible habit where I read through conversations years later because things are always crowded by lots of things in that moment *Wow, this shit is shady* As I was saying, reading through later usually gives me a clearer perspective about things and helps me decide a way forward. I understand the usual ‘you garra pass certain tests thing’ and of course many people don’t know they are doing it or will deny, deny, deny paka paka but at what point does it become a circus?
Scenario 3: Person H says they will do something that clearly helps me much more than it helps them. It means A LOT to me and I am out of this world because opportunities like this do NOT chance along every day, Literally. Days later and I haven’t heard from said person, I decide to follow up because I am an organized individual and what not. Apologies here and there and appointments are made *Repeat till fade*
Here’s what keeps me up at night because my mind cannot rest or refuses to voluntarily get some rest. Is this how life should be? Just so I am clear, I am NOT trying to have it easy but spending an entire lifetime *Dramatic, yes but that is how I feel* proving yourself to people can NOT be healthy. If I am to live a quality life and I intend to, I doubt I shall be able to achieve it likadat. I am positive that at least one of the people if not all will point out at a later time that I did not try hard enough, that I did not seem like I was really interested. At what point does one know that it is time to stop before they go all Lord Mayor on others?
I am sure someone is going to say that ‘you will know you have given it your best when you do’ which will make me feel especially stupid for staying up this late writing this.
Thinking is stupid; everything is flying fwa not like cool Quidditch things.
Sooooo, I’ve been thinking…. Part 2

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