Sooooo, I’ve been thinking…. Part 2

I am of the view that I will only shout my success on the rooftops when I am able to achieve anything singlehandedly. This brings to mind the famous saying ‘A jack of all trades is a master of none’.
In my experience, one can NOT achieve anything by themselves. Everything requires a process and at the different stages of the process there are people allocated to do their part which is probably why people are quick to include ‘Works easily with teams or smfn along those lines’ on their CVs.
Over the past weeks, this has been clearer than ever. Have you ever been Suprrrrrr excited to kick ass at something but other parties in the process will not let you Prosper? Everything I have done thus far requires other people to contribute to the end result. As the Economist will call it, division of labor which is all well and good if said labor is willing and able to do their part. In reality which by now I am positive is nowhere close to where the Economist lives, there is no such thing as everyone doing what they said they would when they said they would.
From this I have been going through the motions and where I stand is not a bad place if you ask me. What is the point of being a master of one trade if there will always be people to stand in your way? I am in a space * Yup, I am in many spaces* where I would rather be a jack of all trades if this allows me to become the only person in all stages needed in the process rather than have to wait on people to eventually get around to doing their part in this process, if they ever that is.
In this case, holding onto the value of being a master of one trade is similar to being a main chic who knows that there is a side chic, barely gets to spend any time with their Significant Other, and receives regular beatings and what not. I do not see any benefits in insisting on living one’s life from this school of thought.
May be I am the only one who is bothered by the quality of life things but I am on a mission to live a life with plenty of quality. This doesn’t involve stress from people who refuse to carry their own weight especially because they are not ultimately responsible for the project at hand.
The biggest problem here is I don’t know how to achieve this but no one ever got arrested for dreaming, Right? Or in this case, thinking!
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  1. It will get done. Just believe and breathe.

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