Hercules, The Movie!

I am NOT tryna be a spoiler but simply proving that I watched Hercules the day it was released in 3D.
An amazing movie if you ask me and here’s why you should clear ya schedule to watch it ASAP. Please note that I was late for the movie ngabulijjo but that dinna stop me from enjoying it.
1.      Dwayne Johnson: Need I say more? He has them muscles that I could easily look at errrday everyday and his outfit ensures that you see them the entire time.
2.      The Music: The songs throughout the movie are a welcome change from the everyday wahala we listen to.
3.      Scenery: The view is delightful I’d def pay to take pictures there. Anti the IG pressure is Riyo so if I can’t have that in this reality, the screen is the next best thing I have.
4.      That wall formation: There’s that fight that they had and the wall formation was Epic. Very professional nkomuntu I was impressed. This is the kind of Epic shit people sell state secrets to be a part of.
5.      Dat Battle: The first battle in the movie. Again, because I am tryna avoid spoiling for anybody I can’t say much but it was Ridiculous.
6.      Seeing Hercules on his knees, literally: Nothing as refreshing as realizing that if Hercules could fall, if only for a moment then possibilities are indeed endless. This is Power discussion for another day.
7.      Greek myths: How cool is mythology especially the Greek ones? I know Nassing but you wanna be a part of this.
8.      Men in Skirts: Scratch that, Dwayne Johnson in a skirt!
9.      Humor: The movie is littered with humor and who doesn’t love a good laugh?
10.  Fights in 3D: There’s ALWAYS a battle but 3D puts it in all a whole other dimension which is the point, No?
11.  The Mother of all Plot Twists: Errrrrrbari is all about plot twists of late. Well errrrrrbari in my world. The Plot Twist is Maaaad, Trust me!
12.  The Fight with the wolves: Okay so we know I aint here to spoil for the billions that haven’t watched but this scene could NOT be left unwritten about. It’s AMAAAAZING *Penny Hart voice*
13.  The Escape: Yes, you are now wondering what they are escaping from but because I can’t say shit I won’t. Just know there’s an escape you can’t miss out on.
14.  A sad sweet moment: How often do you land upon these? This is Hercules we are talking about if you had forgotten!
15.  That Epic Move Hercules pulled: There is that thing Hercules did that sealed the deal. Awesomeness like that was actually made not born.
It was a GREAT movie and I am glad that I was looking forward to it and I watched it on the day of its release. There are a million things I’d love to say about the Hercules movie but I can’t although my boss would argue that I prefer such shady things.
Make time to watch it otherwise this conversation is null and void and we wouldn’t want that. By we, I mean me, myself and myself.
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