An Open Letter to Mr. Raymond Mujuni Qatahar Carlton

Raymond tweeted this on Saturday, “We become who we are. You cannot judge a book by its covers, but you can with its first chapters and most certainly by its last.”
We have had this discussion a million & one times and we will probably have it a billion more times.
We become who we are assumes that our first nature determines who we become eventually. Like many assumptions, they come from a school of thought that other factors remain constant which is NEVER the case.
Human beings are selfish and this is an insight so do NOT bother arguing about it. However, we all know people that are generous to a fault because they put in the work and it became a life style.
Personally I have a high affinity for avoiding any physical work; however I know that if you want something done well you have to do it yourself. Sadly, this life is engineered in such a way that there’s all sorts of physical work that needs to be done so I have learned to do things that I hate, loathe even. Who I am Mr. Qatahar is a work evader, who I have become is a hard working fella.
Look at the Ugandan music industry; the really talented people never seem to get the big break that one might think is within their reach while the okay musicians go places that the talented ones might never go. Who they are is talented and pre destined to make it in all possible ways however who they become is determined by more things than merely their talent as great as it might be. The things that might seem unimportant like discipline, hard work, perseverance, determination among others might be the reasons that a talented person never becomes a great musician. Of course, there is always the exception to the rule.
Saying that the first and last chapters are sufficient to judge a book is similar to getting excited about the Taj Mahal and not savoring the journey. However, the Taj Mahal is just that, a still picture while the journey is a video. A smart person once said that when one finally sees the Taj Mahal, a lot of confusion and sadness befalls said person when they realize that nothing Epic will happen in that moment and they did not enjoy the journey therefore did not gain because they ignored the experience.
The chapters between the first and the last are the magical moments, pieces of the puzzle, the baby steps that we take in a bid to fight our nature so that we are who become.
Dear Mr. Raymond Mujuni Qatahar Carlton, that’s my case and I await yours.
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