I didn’t want to use one of those usual cliché titles for this one so I didn’t bother especially because coming up with titles is THE most tedious event ever. Also having a title is too main stream, No? That ‘Bad press is better than no press’ stuff is only for cool people, so don’t even get me started.
My regular answers to the ‘How are you?’ question are fine thank you, fair, couldn’t be better, terrible, kinda sorta may be among others and for whatever reason that is probably not the right answer of how I really am.
It is debatable but the past Saturday has been the happiest day of my life this year so the ‘couldn’t be betters’ I replied were on point. Alright I can not be certain about it being the happiest but either way it is definitely among the top 3 happiest days this year. The sad bit is I probably won’t remember it and how especially happy I was by say end of September because technically nothing Epic happened.
I usually have training on Saturdays but unfortunately we didn’t have one that day*still not over the pain of no class* so that’s 6 hours more than I have every other Saturday. Believe me when I say that I was worried about what I was going to do with that time, anti routine and what not. My sister woke me up at 7am asking for dirty clothes because the lady insists on keeping up with my sister’s ridiculous hours *See, I live with a soldier*. Ignoring the waking up bit, this is a great way to start the day. The assurance that you don’t have to do laundry and will still have clean clothes to wear is def a Gurait way to start a day, in my world anyway. Of course in my mind this didn’t happen because I immediately went back to sleep till the hunger set in. I make a mean cup of black tea and I did not hesitate to hook myself up with ebigenderakko of course that I also prepared myself. Yup, I was on a roll!!
The second I sat my bums *or whatever it is I have* down, Dean Winchester was my poison. Just started watching Supernatural and my oh my am I glued or what? Why wouldn’t I be with Jensen Ackles smiling at me? Like every normal relationship, there are arguments from time to time but we always manage to work them out. I love you Dean.
One of the sockets in my room has been sagging for what seems like forever so I decided to fix it before it became a danger to my life and I did a wonderful job. Got the right screw driver and put that b!tch in her place. Ya should have seen the look on my face, Miss Independent Wot Wot.
After all this hard work, LOL a Power Nap was in order. Long story short, it was Powerful.
Something about a weekend that makes me extra hungry so I hooked myself up with bean salad *don’t judge me, lemme explain* because my love for beans has no shame. Like every normal individual, I took a nap after eating. (That’s what normal people do, Right?) Also because one can NEVER have enough Power Naps, I was Riyo Winning I tell ya.
The second I woke up, it was Dean Baiiiiiibe time. I can’t imagine how I was living my life before I met him.
I had not gone for a jog since morning so I decided to get Dat adrenaline fix. Mind changing things I tell ya. Took a shower *I REALLY hate those* when I got back although shower gel makes the experience less painful. Figured since I was on a steade Roll I might as well step out for a rolex so that this was one of those days I could take to the bank and cash in on. I recently started reading Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire so I read a few chapters before saying goodnight to Dean.
Beautiful days like this don’t come often but when they do, WOW!

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