23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 9- One can NEVER have enough chumes.

My colleague uses this and it gets me every time only he sounds way cooler when he says it than I do. The reference to money in my life has evolved over the years from dice, chedda, mulla *can’t remember the rest* and right now we are at chumes. By us, I obviously mean myself and the voices in my head so don’t worry if you have no idea what I am talking about. I am almost always the youngest person in the room and for a while I used to use that to convince myself that it was okay that I didn’t tithe, tip, do money related things for others as it was obvious that I probably had the least money. In the not so recent past I found out that I do not indeed have the least money in the room and it is definitely not a valid excuse to not do money related things for others which is a bummer if you ask me. I love money, especially having lots of it.
 A number of years back (can’t remember the exact year anti I’m aging Damnnnnn), my sister two years older took me out for Valentine’s dinner and it’s prolly the best I have had. (If we have had a Valentine’s do then kindly assume that my sister was standing over my head with a machete in hand as I wrote this). Here is the thing, because I am the last born, my sister and I always got the same amount of pocket money otherwise I would sulk till kingdom come and no one was willing to live through that so they would indulge me and yet there she was taking me out on her monies. I could point out earlier scenarios but that would throw more light about me than I am willing to share. The bottom line is my sister taught me that it wasn’t about how much you had because you might never have as much as you want to but it was about how you used it. Thinking about it now, this is basic Economics so I should probably find my teacher and volunteer myself for kiboko because really that is what Economics is about, limited resources used efficiently and effectively.
For a while I wouldn’t tithe even though I would get loads of money from everyone, yup in the next life you better be a last born. Then it hit me, what if I never got to work, would that mean I would never tithe? That is the shortest story I have and that is how I ended up starting.
Most of the time I have to make decisions on how to use my money without staying broker for longer than is necessary and may be just may be it has to do with my low purchasing power although I am positive certain individuals disagree but here’s what I know. Human beings are creatures of routine so what you do now will affect what you do later. If you decide to wait till you have enough money to make certain choices then it might be too late to go through with them because you never learnt how. Okay, this is getting too unclear even for me but bottom line is, use what you have now because it prepares you for the more that’s ahead. Of course many times people wonder, ‘Is there more ahead or is this it?’ which only makes my point clearer.
What if all you have is all you will ever have and you did not use it well because of the possibility that you might have more later? Are you willing to take that risk? I know I am NOT.  
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