23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 10- Avoid old people, unless you can’t!

My definition of old people is everyone who is older than I am who probably comprise 71.4% of the people I know.
Many of my family and friends lie in this category and I still love them so it is nothing personal. I am however in a space where I would rather not interact with them and I do have many reasons although I am going to focus on the rational ones or so I think.
1.      The good old days reference: If I had shs 100 for every time someone used the good old days reference, I‘d be on vacation writing about the hottie who tried to chat me up and I showed bums *Ignoring/ turning down someone* even if I thought he was cute. I get it everything was amazing until I happened along. Can we please move on, Yiiiiiiiiikes?
2.      They know what works and will stick to it NO MATTER WHAT: I’m sure almost everyone has been in a situation where they wrote an answer that wasn’t taught in class and ended failing that question because ‘it wasn’t on the marking guide’. As a 90s baby, I am sort of in 3 different eras which makes it easier to look into the possibility that there might be other ways of achieving the same results. ¾ of the old people I know will insist on running after the rat with a stick when it could easily be killed using rat poison without risking any accidents and that’s the point my cans begin to evaporate.
3.      Anyone younger than them doesn’t know what they are talking about: On this front, there will definitely be millions of times when this is right but it’s the attitude that I have problem with. The other times when this is not the case, the old people will NOT even bother to listen to the younger person who might have useful input on the subject at hand and this is Enh!
4.      The intimidation: Of course I only speak for myself but many times I have had something useful to contribute *Cammaaaaaan, why you garra look shocked?* but I usually end up sitting on it because there are old people who intimidate me.
5.      Pulling rank: Of course there is always the exception but many times old people are in positions of power and the second the ship’s sinking, they will pull rank and that shit irks me.
6.      I don’t want to be the youngest person in the room: 9.72 times I am the youngest person in the room and the few times I am lucky there will be other age mates in the room. In my experience people for whatever reason will always find a way to point out the yanga girl in the room putting me on the spot and its associated disadvantages.
As a result, I would rather avoid them when I can.
Sooooo, I’ve been thinking…. Part 2
Sooooo, I’ve been thinking…. Part 1

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