Why you NEED to watch Step Up All In in 3D.

I sorta kinda love dancing but the answer as to why I don’t take active steps to be one  needs an email with attachments and illustrations followed by a press conference to take questions so I live my dream vicariously through movies and the Step Up series with its hotties is my favorite. When I told a friend that I was going to watch the movie in 3D the weekend it was released, he looked at me as though I was smoking glass, melted glass or smfn along those lines.
Behold I present the reasons why everybody on planet earth needs to watch this movie in 3D;
1.      The movie happens in Vegas: Need I say more? If I do then you sir or madam need to reevaluate your life and take time off to reflect.
2.      Dancing in 3D: I don’t know how to paint this picture but imma do my best. The Vortex was THE competition to be a part of and these guys did NOT hold back on their submission video. As if that wasn’t enough, *drum roll* Poreotix was one of the crews. Bummer that they didn’t make it to the quarter finals however anyone who knows anything about dance knows that these guys are the Thengs. Because being in The Vortex is such a huge deal, millions of rehearsals in 3D. I doubt I could emphasize this any better on paper.
3.      Kicks in 3D: My love for kicks will be the death of me so watching kicks in 3D was a dream come true. Need I emphasize that each crew has millions of pairs of kicks and I was drooling and sighing and holding my breath like lives depended on it.
4.      New hottie: The latest hottie is THE hottie with the works, bad attitude, needy and damaged perfect bad boy material. Heck this one is the manual on how to be a bad boy.
5.      Again, Vegas: Seriously, how cool is Vegas? I want to go to Vegas from just thinking about it.
6.      Alexxa Brava and her outfits: She actually reminds me of the blonde from Hunger Games. She is also a blonde and her outfits are a sight to behold.
7.      The Original Caesar’s Palace: Or so I think. That place is beautiful, enough said.
8.      The Grim Knights LMNTRIX battle: So Alexxa Brava was smashing a guy from Grim Knights and the competition was rigged so LMNTRIX brought their A Game. Everyone needs to see this battle.
9.      The robots couple: Love is ALWAYS a cute scene but these guys gave it a new perspective. I loved it.
10.  THE move: The lead couple did THE move that sealed the deal. The billion dollar question was answered in that moment.
11.  Moose & Camil: For those that have been following the Step Up series know Moose & Camil and how sweet their ending up together is. Everyone loves sweet, No?
12.  Shazam-able music: Y’all dot com babies who love to shazam need to know that this is your music. This is your time to Prosper then you can get in touch with Barclays.
If that aint enough, then Nye. Hmmph. Nkebyo.

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