The weekend that was!

Let me just say that I have no idea why that exclamation mark is there but it is.
Now that we have that out of the way, the weekend is why I am here. In Kampala (even I who stays in Kyaliwajjala is always quick to say that I stay in Kampala), Friday ushers people into the weekend although some might argue that that’s Thursday’s job and the socialites will assure you that everyday is a weekend so this only applies for people in my lane (that’s a story for another day).
Croak and Rhyme, an event organized by 40 days over 40 smiles Foundation, was held on Friday at the Uganda museum and the proceeds going to less fortunate children. When I found out that these children make little bicycles and sell them many things went through my head and the more I thought about it, I realized that those children encouraged, motivated and inspired me. Rather than feel sorry for themselves, they chose to take action. God bless them. The event entailed music, poetry and other forms of art with very many talented people performing and all someone had to do was pay ten thousand shillings at the door or this case, the gate.  The numbers were great and that’s how the weekend began.
My boss, Colin Asiimwe got married to Charity Kamusiime on Saturday and I was able to attend and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Even after waking up early enough, I had to panic around when my very generous sister who I had finally convinced (read bullied) into dropping me couldn’t take it anymore and was threatening to leave me. That would have been a pity after all the hard work I had put into my outfit and look, and after experiencing what I did at the wedding I would have to spend forever beating myself up although nothing like Dobbi’s self punishment. The reception was at Serena Hotel, Victoria Hall, the décor was amazing, and the couple and their entourage were looking divine I must say. One look at Charity’s wedding gown and I was ready to get married just so I could wear the exact gown, I still think it about from time to time. It was an open bar and the waiters were ‘in class’. One of the MC’s was Peter Igaga and dear Lord that voice, I just kept grinning sheepishly whenever he spoke. I even got a crush while at the reception, how cool is that? The desert was great and so was the company I had. In one sentence I’d say, the reception was a series of magical moments which is all I can hope for. I went to bed thinking about Peter Igaga’s voice. Congratulations to the couple.
Blankets and Wine was on Sunday featuring Richy, Irene Ntale, Novell band and Afrigo band. I have seen all of these artists perform more than times than I care to count with the exception of Afrigo band which was the ‘main’ act so I was happy to work at the door to support my cinema tendencies. I dolled myself up, by my standards anyway and set off. We finished working in time for the Afrigo band performance and the crowd was ‘not ready’ for it. These legends simply blew my mind, everyone was cheering, singing along when they could and dancing like lives depended on it. It was a ‘gudu’ one.

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