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Patra tweeted this days ago ‘The number of chicks agreeing to this side chick business though. Those are the kind of women I’d be afraid of’ and it got me thinking…
For purposes of those living under rocks, I’ll define side chick. A side chick is a female who is having a relationship with a male in a stable relationship. By stable relationship, this could be someone with a wife, girl friend, co habiting among others. A female might also become a side chick if the guy does not introduce her as his better half or hides the existence of the relationship that they have. In the context of the tweet though, we are referring to the former.
The side chick has become a sort of outcast in society and this baffles me because as always people will condemn what they don’t understand without even giving it the benefit of the doubt and carrying out a sort of research. I have been able to look into the subject a bit more than your average person, rationally that is and here’s what I know;
1.  The side chick does not invent herself: Out there are millions of men who will not for whatever reason end their current relationship but would like to ‘see’ someone else who they have zinged with. Main chicks always blame the side chicks for problems in their relationships which is very dumb if you ask me because if side chicks did not exist, men would still find a way to avoid the main chicks who have led them to get that side chick in the first place.
2.  The side chick also deserves happiness: Many times people go on about how demeaning it is to be a side chick, to allow self the humiliation and some other rants in that direction. If a girl meets a boy and they have a connection then she discovers that he is in relationship, she might move on. However if the boy for whatever reason realizes how special that connection was and proposes an arrangement where they can still be together even when he is unable to end his current relationship, and she is in agreement for whatever reason (YOLO/ Life is too short to blah blah/ Live in the moment, take your pick) then there is no reason why the girl should be shunned by society.
3.  There are millions of ‘stable’ relationships where the man beats the woman, does not respect her, barely communicates with her but society has told us that you would rather be the main chick who is very unhappy and invisible than be a side chick who is adored as she should be. I don’t know about you but this is 50 shades of stupid. Whatever happened to quality of life? Are we so blind that we are willing to hold onto nothing because it is acceptable and lose out on what could be a more meaningful beneficial relationship?
Knowing myself, I could go on & on so I’ll end here.
P.S: I do not encourage women to poach on unavailable men however, ask yourself if your man can be poached, do you then really want to be with someone like that? Unless you plan on spending the rest of your relationship playing askari
P.P.S: Men can also be ‘side chicks’
P.P.P.S: I am not an authority on the subject therefore I can’t be quoted.
P.P.P.P.S: I am NOT a side chick.

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