Is there such a thing as sobriety?

Sobriety refers to the state of being sober, with synonyms such as clearheaded, common sense, practicality, self control, self-restraint and conservatism among others.
I have been working out for a while now and one morning in particular I was frustrated and steaming with anger at something I can’t even recall. I went through the usual techniques that help me calm down and set off for my jog. However depending on the strength of anger and frustration, said emotions might linger for a while and this was one of those times. I had been jogging for about 3 minutes when a ridiculous idea went through my mind. How about I divert my energies to the physical activity at hand? To my surprise, it did work and that’s the furthest and shortest jog I’ve ever done and with all that adrenaline, you have to admit that that there is a high of some sort. This got me thinking, ‘Does that mean that there is such a thing as work out addicts?’
With that line of thought, I went through the synonyms of sobriety and it had me questioning something I had never considered before, is there such a thing as sobriety?
As human beings, we have emotions and by default that guarantees that there will be times when we are not clearheaded and right there in that moment, one is not sober. Common sense is relative so that one is a no brainer while practicality is subjective depending on one’s views therefore it is disqualified in my books because of the numerous variables involved. Self control and self constraint rely on human beings acting rationally which is not something we are famous for. No matter how open minded one is there is at least one thing said person is NOT willing to change for whatever reason.
If there is a percentage of people that is lucky enough or determined or both to belong to none of these scenarios, there are the obvious scenarios that prevent one from being sober. These include but are not limited to alcohol, drugs, sex and pain.
Does that mean that if I am vulnerable in whatever direction I turn that there is no point in attempting at sobriety?

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