23 Lessons in 23 years: Lesson 8- Man is not an island but what if he is

In my experience, people usually have relationships and because human beings will always mess up there is always a long line of broken hearts. After this, everyone says the same thing ‘I’m through with people, imma do me’ *Kevin Hart voice*. This works for a while for some longer than others but eventually they bounce back because as everyone knows, no man is an island.
I go through the motions from time to time when I cannot keep my emotions in check but mostly I’ll prepare myself for any disappointment so that I don’t have to shut out everyone only to bounce back in shame because the reality is, we can not survive on our own.
As possible as it is to fall in love with two people at the same time is the same way in which it is possible to have people around you and still be an island. As human beings, we are creatures of routine, needy, selfish, always seeking approval and validation which we are not able to give ourselves therefore it is almost stupid to try and live by oneself.
Someone once said, ‘I would break up with a person not because I had found someone else but because I was tired of wasting my time on that person’. I refuse to accept that having people in your life automatically means that one is not island. What is the point if you cannot share your dreams, desires, fears, frustrations, et al with these people? Do the people know your favorite drink, your thoughts on zodiac signs, what your perfect afternoon looks like, whether you cry when it thunders?
Only one line of thought overwhelms me in this moment. Is there then a point to any of this farce? Wouldn’t life be of better quality if we simply let man be an island? What if man was happier being an island? This will probably be achievable at a point when teleportation is a reality so until then, one must allow people in one’s life if one intends to have anything close to a decent life.
I’m guessing this all goes back to the issue of trust and the truth. Although the truth has a lot to do with trust because that’s the only way anyone will believe it as the truth so mostly the issue is trust.  Imagine a world where we only communicated with people we trust in all (alright, may be not all but sufficient) aspects of life may be people wouldn’t fail their exams because they were fond of the tutors therefore are more willing to learn and monies would not embezzled because the people in authority cared enough to have the citizens’ wellbeing at heart.
The absence of trust however makes everyone determined to play the longest con. Who will be the last man standing? Who will win in this game of survival for the fittest? Who is the fairest of them of all? (Okay, that escalated quickly).
Until people are not stepping on others to get to the top but are holding hands to reach the top, not getting enjoyment from the pain of others but making real efforts to reduce or stop this pain, man will continue to be an island and keep masquerading as not being able to be one.

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