23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 7: The Pearl ‘I don’t care’ theory

I have been meaning to write this for what seems like forever and something that happened earlier this week heightened my determination.
A tweep (person with a twitter account) shared a blog post with grammatical errors that would make it to the Guiness book of records and more capital letters than I have seen in one piece of material. Being twitter, of course people gave their opinions with some telling the young man to take it down and promise NEVER to repeat such madness while others cheered him on with encouragement of brighter days ahead.
Kermit the frog recently hit the timeline with his tagline ‘but that’s none of my business’ and his memes were everywhere. Literally. Long story short, many were attacked for giving their opinions on the blog while others used Kermit as a scapegoat since he is one to muddle in people’s business and throw his tagline as a disclaimer which is where this lesson comes in handy.
The Pearl ‘I don’t care’ theory states that if you share your views, for lack of a better word which includes but is not limited to tweets, pictures, blog posts, you automatically lose the right to use ‘I don’t care’ as a response when opinions that conflict with your views are given.
One of my heartbeats has been going through a lot in terms of whom he is and what he wants versus what people in his life expect from him. This has been an on going discussion and at one point he said he didn’t care what anyone thought and would live his life as he saw fit.
Another person I know always shares aspects of his life on social media and from time to time one meets people from the virtual world. The nice people are excited to meet him because finally they are able to put a face and voice to an account they follow. Poor chap might ask how his puppy is fairing after the illness that said person advertised on the timeline and then goes on to blame the people for forcing themselves into his life. Unfortunately there is always a poor soul if not me that has to listen to these rants and all of this could very easily have been avoided.
Each time someone shares something; there is implied permission for opinions of others and to even pretend otherwise makes said person a fool, an idiot or both. If really you do not care, then go the whole way and not care enough to not share ya things. There’s a twist though, if others can not give opinions on ya things, then you can not give your opinions on topics that concern them.
Basically if you are going to go around shouting how much you do not care, then you are an island. Do not try to cross the waters otherwise take a seat and admit that you care, I am tired of this nonsense.
The weekend that was!
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