23 Lessons in 23 years: Lesson 6- Have a bucket list, you’d be surprised.

In Africa (most foreigners visiting Uganda always say ‘hello Africa’ and it annoys many so I took it on(:), one might say you are overly dreamy if you have a bucket list because that stuff is for summerz mostly. I beg to differ unless coming back to Kampala after a 3 day holiday in Kabale makes me a summer then I definitely qualify I am justified.
When I was about to sit for my O level final examinations, my brother took it upon himself to be a part of my revision process not so much as a tutor but as an askari who would make sure I woke up at the right time in order to maximize my revision efforts. He also insisted I write out the activities for that day even if the entire list was sleep and watch movies (for the weekends). The writing stuck on after that and I had a number of journal keeping phases which I had to stop when my paranoid self went through the scenario where someone got a hold of it.
There is something about writing out something and then ticking it off. I imagine that’s how entertainers feel when they win awards because it is a physical shift in the right direction. Yes, I just compared ticking something off my to-do list to a Grammys award. It is what is and you garra start somewhere.
For what seemed like forever, I wanted to get a tongue piercing and this was back when I only had 2 sets of piercings and tongue piercings didn’t have all the perversions that exist today. I’d sit on my bed and imagine my life after I got my tongue piercing, how different it would be. I prolly thought I would be able to fly or something as cool as that. Many years later on November 1st, I got the long awaited piercing and that moment right there is when I knew that possibilities are indeed endless.
May be it was a coincidence or may be it wasn’t, all I know that having my bucket list challenged me to work towards achieving another tick (in my mind, it’s those super cool stars we would get in kindergarten when we excelled) and created space for more because each time I re wrote it there was something I had achieved which was eliminated.
This reminds me; I need to update my list for the next half of the year!

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