Women & Shoes

Someone tweeted this earlier today ‘A woman wearing flats is not trying to get laid. The higher the heels, the looser she is’, and I read it out to the people I was with.
One of the ladies (apparently people do not appreciate being called girls) said that she was okay with that as she wears flats on a regular. She went on to say that if a guy outright asked her she would agree with him and make it clear that she is not interested in getting laid.
The irony here is 4 out of 5 times said lady is on a mission to get laid. When she meets a guy, she uses her scale to gauge whether he has potential in terms of height, number of abs, wallet size, to mention but a few and I have NEVER seen her in heels.
In the same way, there must be ladies out there who are classy and comfortable with wearing heels although they are not looking to get laid. To imagine that a lady gets judged the second she walks into the room because of the type of shoes she chose to wear that evening is not only sad but also scary.
Personally, I am at the stage in my life where I will NOT get caught wearing heels. I am lucky to be on the positive side of this statement however next time I might not be so lucky.
We might think that AIDS, racism, corruption, and bribery among others are the only things we have to fight in Africa however I am positive we are wrong from the looks of things. This school of thought is probably the one that gave a minister the confidence to stand in front of cameras and say that if a lady is wearing a mini skirt then it is okay for her to get raped.
I don’t know where I am going with this but what I do know is no matter how undeveloped a country is we can NOT be at a point where we shall make opinions of people because of the type of shoes they wear, and even go ahead to share it on social media. For crying out loud, I buy shoes every other day and discard of them as and when I feel like it although clearly I need to put more thought into the decision to buy a pair of shoes, what type to buy and that sort of thing.
I don’t own a house because I don’t want to go through the process that people go through when making such a long term commitment, that and the fact that I can’t afford it but those are just technicalities.
The theatric that I am just might resort to walking bare foot although I can bet there’s a theory for that too.
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