Vampire Dairies Season 5 Finale

Marcos and his fellow travelers have all the dapple ganger blood that they need to reverse the curse that made them travelers in the first place those many years ago otherwise tragedies like earthquakes occur. Reversing the smell will wipe away everything that was made by that magic including vampires.
The witches are determined to make sure that this doesn’t happen as their powers will vanish and resort to their final play which is to kill one of the dapple gangers only they lose their powers before they can which gives Elena and Stefan enough time to disappear.
Since it is clear that the closer the vampires are to Mystic Falls the faster they will be affected by the spell, they decide to run. Elena and Damon are back together and lovey dovey so Stefan tells them to go while he waits for Caroline and Bonny. Julian who permanently took over Tyler’s body is very frustrated and angry after finding out that Maria, his wife died during the witches’ attempt to kill one of the dapple gangers so he plucks Stefan’s heart right out of his chest hence stopping the spell.
Bonny as the anchor is very shocked on discovering that Stefan is dead. Caroline contacts Elena and Damon who find her at the house weeping her lungs out. There is only one way for them to fix everything and that is by getting Enzo who is already on the other side to get the spell that enabled Marcos through the other side from Maria which was okay until the black hole sucked her in.
Caroline and Elena find Lizzy and Luke trying to flee the town, and ask for their help. For a little motivation, Caroline snaps Luke’s neck so Lizzy has no choice but agree to perform the spell hence solving their witch problem.
Bonny has to deal with the fact that Silas, Stefan’s double who murdered her father and tormented her friends, is the guy who knows the spell. Stefan is almost blown away and Lexy saves the day. The two are a notch too relaxed for people on the other side which is crumbling away slowly but surely.
Damon, in the spirit of honesty, tells Elena the details of the plan that involves him driving through the bar in order to cause the explosion that kills all the travelers creating a window for the others to get through. They argue a bit but Damon insists she respect his decision and promises to come back in one piece.
Enzo assures Bonny that he has found someone to do the spell so the rest should do their part. Damon gets Matt and Jeremy to open the gas under The Mystic Grill putting Caroline’s mother, Sheriff Frobes on duty to get all the travelers there. Sheriff Forbes almost fails to leave the bar so she lures Marcos into the store and attacks only that doesn’t work so well. She gives Damon the go head and just after that Marcos jumps her so she stuck in the bar.
Damon is at the bridge taking what would be his last drink and Elena slides into the co driver’s seat with the statement, ‘I respect your decision so please respect mine too’. Holding her hand, he steps on the gas and drives into the bar causing a massive explosion.
Elena gets up first on the other side and is frantic looking for Damon. Alaric shows up out of nowhere and tells her to go to the meeting spot while he finds Damon. Alaric finds Damon trying to remove a huge piece of wood off Sheriff Forbes and helps out and together they race off to the agreed spot.
At the spot, Enzo goes through. Elena is determined to wait for Damon but Stefan assures her that he’ll wait for him so she also goes through followed by Alaric. Tyler is himself after Marcos killed him so he too goes through. However, all of this is weakening Bonny through whom they are passing and Lizzy who has to keep chanting the spell. Bonny almost falls so Stefan tries to catch her and BOOM! He’s through to the normal world.
Elena looks like she’s about to die at this exact moment. Luke tries to convince Lizzy to stop but she refuses because she promised she would do this so he takes matters into his own hands and blows out all the candles hence stopping the spell.
Damon touches Bonny but nothing happens even after a few more tries. Elena discovers that Luke took Lizzy away and behold, river Nile at our disposal. Bonny tells her that Damon is with them and she should say her byes.
At which point Elena is trembling, and shouting at the Damon she can not see reminding him that he promised he would be back but there’s nothing anyone can do now. Elena is in tears and so much shock.
Damon and Bonny stand hand in hand as they wait for the other side to crumble.
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