23 Lessons in 23 Years: Lesson 1- God is Amazing

I turned 23 years of age less than a week ago, and towards the time leading to that I had been reading an awful lot. I say awful because people had been complaining about it especially those that visited and I needed to finish a paragraph or chapter before I fully engaged in conversation.
I had found a new blog, and was drawn into reading many of entries as is always the case with this sort of thing when I landed on one similar to this. I thought about why 23 was the perfect age to do this series at but this weekend made it clear when I was having a rather difficult time compiling said 23 lessons. Besides, I have no idea whether I’ll be writing by my next birthday and really there is no time like the present, or so they say.
I grew up in a Christian family, and have very fond memories of Sunday at Chippers and Fido Dido. I went to Christian schools when I could, and therefore went through life with adequate teaching about salvation. Long story short because I can not decide on what to tell as my instinct is to leave out everything, my life is the evidence that miracles exist and God is Amazing.
During my earlier education I wasn’t very smart (by this I mean, I didn’t get read among the five best performing pupils in the class at the end of term assembly) but only until a particular point. I needn’t bore you with the details but at the exact right moment, and not a moment sooner, God made me ‘smart’ enough to get read at that assembly. For a while I always asked why, but later on in life it all made perfect sense.
There was change in the environment, and unavoidably change in me that I never knew was necessary or I couldn’t have done on my own. That is the God that has me having faith in things I can not see but can hope for.
Throughout the years when I said it was too mainstream that I didn’t get it (forgive my misuse of the conjunction) or when there was no roll call so I could take a nap instead, He showed me that indeed He is God, not man to lie, loved us before were born even while we were still sinners, and his promises are yes and Amen to his children lifting me from one glory to another.
I am at my first official job, with difficulties here remembering that I got said job before my graduation. I don’t know how dumb I’d have to be not to learn this from my life but the only clear thing through it all is how amazing my God is!
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