We all have THAT workmate…

The coward that I am is hoping this NEVER gets read by any of my workmates
My pessimist nature is the reason this will be as ambiguous as possible
Being the compulsive liar that I am, well that’s on you.

That always comes in late however the one time they are early
They will shout their good mornings simply to rub it in
And that is how I find myself asking the ‘Why me?’ question so early in the day.

That will NEVER use a notebook only to ask what you just said
This might seem alright however when emotions are high, this just won’t do
And then they will have the audacity to place the blame elsewhere.

That wakes up one day & remembers that they are your superior
Therefore all work should be approved by them before it is sent
I simply count backwards from a million as I remember that I am the low level employee.

That takes more time than a snail would to get negligent piece of work done
I guess that’s because they spend most of their time talking about how much work they do
Right there is the REAL devil.

That will grumble whenever changes are made to any work
Because in their opinion, I spend my days coming up with such nuisances
The grumbling happens in loud tones so I fear for my life on the daily.

That is simply too Old I do not know what to say or do
They reference to things that are definitely before my time so I’m left confused always
And of course they think they know what’s best or the most important.

I could go on & on but I am REALLY scared someone will find this
And skin my behind like that rabbit we had over Christmas
We wouldn’t want that, well I wouldn’t anyway!

If you can not relate, you better enjoy it while it lasts
The reality is this how I spend my days and some weekends
So if you find me daydreaming, simply let me be because that’s ALL I have!

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